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When you have a classic car that you need to ship across the country, you need the services of an auto transport company. A good auto transport company will ensure that your car gets to its destination in pristine condition with a minimum of fuss.

A short search of the Internet for vehicle transport companies or auto transport company will reveal many companies which claim to be in the auto transporting business. So how do you choose which one to trust?

Choosing The Best Auto Transport Companies

The best way of choosing is usually through referral. If you belong to any classic car clubs, either local or on the Internet, ask the other members which ones they have experience with. If you don't belong to a classic car club, join one. You will find that they can be useful in all sort of ways.

Don't stop there, however. Choose 3-5 potential auto transporting companies and investigate a bit further. First check the better business bureau (BBB) to find out what outstanding complaints have been lodged against them. Secondly, access local consumer bulletin boards such as Angie's List to find out how consumers themselves rate the various services.

Get Quotes From Each Of The Auto Transport Companies

Assuming that the company checks out through the BBB and consumer boards, the next step is to get auto shipping quotes from each of the companies. These days getting a quote is easy. Most auto transport services will have websites where you simply enter in the type of vehicle to be transported, your address, and the destination. In cases where the vehicle you want to transport is not among the choices, you may have to email someone using the contact information on the website.

Auto transport rates can vary a great deal. But, be wary of jumping unthinkingly on the lowest price quote as some companies will give you a low price quote to get your business and then try adding other "incidental" charges. However, if you have done your proper investigation before getting to this point, you should not have problem.

Choose The Auto Transport Company

Now, it is simply a manner of choosing the car transport company or vehicle transport company that you feel most comfortable with. Whichever one you choose, there will be certain preparations that you have to make to ship your car. The transport company will usually notify you of the particulars.

For yourself, however, you should take extensive photos of the car just in case damage to it occurs in transport and there is some debate about its condition. Even better would be a video tape if you have a camera.

You can also take additional photos, when the carrier arrives to take the car away. It is standard for auto shipping companies to perform an inspection of the vehicle at pickup. The carrier driver should closely look the car over for any damage. If they notice any, they will record it on what is called a vehicle/auto condition report which you will have to sign. You should also take photos of any claimed auto damage that is listed on this report.

Automobile transport companies handle damage disputes in various ways, but it is always better to have actual photographic proof to back you up in these types of circumstances.

Car Transport Companies - Last Check

When working with car carriers, shipping services, and vehicle transport services, closely check any contracts before signing them for hidden fees and/or liability waivers. If anything does not look right to you talk to someone at the company before proceeding.

Most of the time, if you have researched the car shipping company properly, you should have no problems.

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