Choosing A Classic Car Price Guide

If you're either a buyer or seller of classic cars, a classic car price guide is invaluable. Prices are not set in stone, but the classic car price guide is usually the starting point for any serious price negotiations.

The purpose of a classic car price guide is to provide, to the market, an approximation of the value of certain car models at a specific time. The prices typically listed in these guides is for a car in average shape. A car in pristine condition, will probably fetch more than the listed price. Likewise, a car that is in poor condition and needs work will most likely fetch less. In fact, the best way to think of the prices in a classic car price guide is simply as a guide.

A perfect example of a very useful class car price guide is the so called "Collector Car Price Guide" which normally comes out at the end of the year. It's useful because it provides buyers and sellers with critical information on the availability of certain types of classic cars, locating classic cars, and the prices that many of them have sold for during the just completed year.

The car prices are gleaned from a combination of auction sold prices, collector surveys, along with their own market research. Their database covers cars from the year 1899 and forward. This classic car price guide, at a cost of under $25 is well worth it and can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Oftentimes, you can also find copies of the guide for previous years listed on the eBay web site.

If your preference lies towards online research, an excellent web site and one that is practically an Internet version of a classic car price guide is While some of the screens are a bit tricky and unintuitive to navigate and while the search facility doesn't work quite the same on all its pages, it is one of the best places, online, to search for the prices of classic cars. You can begin your search with a model number, followed by the year it was produced, and then by specific features (such as 2 door, 4 door, etc). You conclude by clicking the "get used value" button. This site truly gives you a wealth of information, and it's free - for now.

Most retailers who handle classic cars as part of their inventory use the classic car blue book values at their main guide to setting prices. In fact, over the years, in the minds of many people, the blue book has come to be looked on as THE price guide for the industry. In truth, however, there are more than a few actual price guides around. And different areas of the country will place different emphasis on them.

For example, one is MacRAE's Blue Book, an online company that is known for being one of the world's key sourcing tools for North American industrial products and which performs more than 5 million searches a month for their users.

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